The Pigeons Had to Relocate

I had to contact bird control experts not long ago because of pigeons. My wife has never been a fan of birds, and pigeons were a particular frightening bird to her. We used to just run into pigeons when we were out in the city or in the park. She could handle them there because we could get away from them easily enough. It only became a real problem when they started moving closer and closer to our home. I understood how they can easily reproduce, and I was witness to it before my very eyes.

Even if my wife would have been okay with pigeons, I would have still contacted a professional in bird control to help me get them away from our property. I am the type of person who will research topics I am interested in in-depth, and I learned a lot about these dirty birds when I started reading up on them. They are huge disease carriers, and are actually no better than rats. They just have the ability to fly, but they are just as dirty and disease prone as rodents. It went beyond just the diseases they can carry and pass on too.

They are also inconsiderate and filthy animals. They don’t mind leaving their bird droppings anywhere they please. I had to take my car to the car wash three times in one week because of them! The company that came out to do the initial inspection and proposal educated my wife and myself even more on why we definitely did not want the pigeons to call our home their home as well. They went through different treatment options with us, and we went with the pigeon wire installation. It cannot be seen by us or visitors, but it works very well in keeping the pigeons off our home. That in turn made them seek other places to roost, and our pigeon problem was gone almost as quickly as it had arrived.