How to dismantle a refrigerator?

If you are a smaller industry with limited resources, you want to cut down your expenses wherever you can and whenever you can. You will always be willing to save more to add up in your profit and revenues. By the time being, there come some maintenance problems where you need to repair or replace your machines. For the said purpose, you may have to disassemble or dismantle your machines for transportation purposes and get it testified from a professional service. For this purpose, you have to dismantle your machines like refrigerators. You probably think that you are not able to dismantle it by yourself. But you can. We will teach you how to dismantle a refrigerator. Some equipment and tools needed to get it done by yourself. You may not have those tools by yourself but you have to arrange them for this purpose. Generally, the common hardware tools will be needed, baffling/ductwork, and some electrical equipment will be required as well, together with some hand tools like a screwdriver, wire snips, and related tools. These tools will make it possible to dismantle a faulty refrigerator or freezer. There will be some considerations you need to pay attention to before going for the dismantling process.

Liquid molecules

A refrigerant is a gaseous or liquid molecule to make the refrigeration process possible and carry out the cooling mechanism. That refrigerant must be taken care of when you dismantle your freezer because venting that refrigerant to an open environment is an offense to the law in many countries. So, be prepared with oxyacetylene torch and silver solder to prevent it from wiping or fuming out. There must be some sort of tube pinching in several places to avoid wiping out of refrigerant, involving cutting down the tube from several places and sealing it to seal in the refrigerant. This isn’t an easy task or a usual task. So, pay more attention to make sure that there is not a fraction of leaking in brazing of tubes because is there is any, which would complicate the process more and more for you. Now, if you have succeeded in brazing the tubes, you have to dispose of refrigerant-containing components. After all these steps taken, consult a refrigerant repair service and get it checked and testified to diagnose the problems or to identify what is wrong with it. They will repair or replace the components that need to be repaired or replaced to get it back on track. Beware, there will be some sharp edges and pointy things that must be taken care of or handled with care. Because those, if not handled with care, could harm you badly. Also, don’t forget to drain and properly dispose of the oil inside of the compressor. If you are going to do it on your own, make sure that you have planned and know about the oil in the system as it could be under pressure. If it isn’t taken care of or handled with care, it will come spraying out and can damage your eyes severely. So, be careful while working out.