How to Utilise the Style of Reindeer Rugs

Rugs made of reindeer hide are an increasingly popular choice due their moderate size and luxuriously soft, highly-packed fur. Most people who choose to purchase reindeer rugs do so to take advantage of the great style they have, and they can do this in a wide range of different and fun ways.

  1. An Ornamental Rug

Using a quality reindeer rug is not as simple as just placing it over a bare floor. Great results are achieved by using the reindeer rug carefully to get the most out of its natural benefits.

The most vital thing to note is that ornamental rugs need to be visible. Placing a reindeer rug on an area where it can’t be seen by anyone defeats the purpose of owning it. Moreover, placing it on a high traffic area will damage it, meaning that people will ultimately stop noticing its appeal.

Rather, you should place your ornamental reindeer rug in an area of great visibility and very low traffic. The idea is that people who do walk over the rug should do so barefooted to maintain its cleanliness. Bedrooms and some portions of living rooms are perfect options. It might be tempting to want to place the rug near the fireplace, but you should not do so because the heat is not good for the rug.

  • A Furniture Throw

Reindeer rugs can also be used as furniture throws. Using them as table covers is a good option as long as there is no one eating at the table, because it can be difficult to clear spills off the reindeer skin. Placing them on seats is another great use as they can provide an extra layer of cushioning.

When using reindeer rugs as furniture throws, size is an important consideration. Reindeer rugs are available in a variety of sizes. You may want to measure your furniture in advance before you go shopping. Purchasing a reindeer rug that is slightly bigger than the surface you want to cover will ensure that it stays on the area properly.

  • Hangings on Walls

A quality reindeer rug can be used to cover a bare part of a wall quickly and easily to make a living space cosier. Placing a reindeer rug on a wall also serves a practical purpose. Most houses lose heat through the walls and a reindeer rug is a great insulator. It can trap a huge portion of the heat to keep a room warm.

It is important to remember that reindeer hide will dominate a wall on which it is hanged on, so it is usually better not to pair it with many other wall decorations. Given that you really want to add other decorations, the rug will look best with natural materials like plants and wood. You should use artificial materials sparingly and just to form a contrast with the reindeer skin.

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