How To Avoid A Shonky Moving Company

Although moving is quite a stressful activity, it can easily turn into a nightmare when you hire the wrong moving company. Although movers are supposed to make the whole process of moving home much easier and less stressful, there are some shonky moving companies that are just out there for your cash. So how can you differentiate a reputable removalist from a scam? A reputable removalist company should be licensed and have proper credentials. Below are some of the tips on how to avoid a shonky moving company.

Get recommendations from people you trust –

One of the best ways to avoid a shonky moving company is by getting recommendations from your family and friends. Before you begin searching for companies anywhere else, begin with your loved ones. You can then reach out if there are any people in your area that you have seen using a moving company before. Ask them about their overall experiences, and whether they would recommend the company. It is very possible that someone had a bad experience with a highly-rated company or a wonderful experience with a somehow new company that doesn’t have high ratings.

Read all the good and bad reviews –

When it comes to choosing a reputable moving company, seeing what other people are saying about the company is very important. Once you have come up with a good list of a few moving companies to look into, use online reviews to learn more about them. You can search the web and find out about the companies rating and complaints filed. When you see that a company has multiple complaints from customers, this often signals a shonky moving company.

Check license and insurance –
You should never use a removalist that is not fully licensed and insured. Remember that any four or five people can contribute, buy a truck, and call themselves a moving company. You should ensure that a company has a valid insurance and that all the licensing requirements are met. Only those movers who are officially licensed and insured can protect your property in case of any unforeseen circumstances. It is a fact that all reputable moving companies will be fully licensed and insured under the required guidelines by the government. If a moving company is unable to provide you with proof of licensing and insurance upon request, it is likely to be one of those shonky moving companies.
Get a Moving Estimate in Writing –
A reputable removalist should take inventory of all your belongings and afterwards determine the bulk and weight of your whole move. The estimator should be very thorough and should check all of your storage places such as drawers, cupboards, and garages. It is important to ensure that this estimate is as accurate as possible and that you also understand it. Get everything in writing including the removalists estimate and all the extra fees. You should get all your movers in your list to send you their moving estimates in writing. If any of them offers you a quote that is more or less than other companies, it should be a red flag. In addition, read your contract and ensure that all your belongings are listed. Remember that you cannot file a claim for an item that does not appear on the inventory list. Finally, never sign an empty contract.
Be wary of large deposit requirements –
A reputable house moving company should not demand from you a deposit worth more than 20 percent of the estimated moving cost. In fact, many respectable Australian furniture moving companies won’t even require you to make any payment until all your household items have been delivered. It is advisable to always put any deposit payments on a credit card so that you can contest for the charge in case of some wrongdoing.

Conclusion –

No matter how reassuring a removalist moving furniture interstate may seem to be or how tempting their quote may be, always take the time to check whether they are reliable or just another shonky company. Carefully do your research, come up with a list of possible Australian furniture moving companies, and if any of them raises any red flags, never hesitate to remove it from the list. By doing that, you will end up with one or two removalists with a proven history of reliability, safety, and quality service.